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    KFC's Gameday Bucket Support Teaches Art of 'Couchgating'

  • Industry News January 3, 2013

    There’s watching the game and then there’s “couchgating,” the act of enjoying a big-time sporting event from the comfort of your couch. KFC, Official Sponsor of Couchgating, understands that the latter hinges on a few key factors—a comfy sofa, a group of friends, and most importantly, the right game-day food. With that in mind, KFC is introducing the Gameday Bucket: 8 pieces of chicken, 8 Hot Wings, and 10 Original Recipe Bites, sure to be the MVP of any game watching party.

    “When having people over to watch the big game, we know that people only get one shot at impressing their friends and family,” says Jason Marker, chief marketing officer for KFC US. “That’s why KFC is coming to the rescue with the Gameday Bucket. It’s food worthy of the game.”

    Score big with friends and family by serving up the Gameday Bucket, which is available for a limited time at participating KFC restaurants for $19.99 plus tax. Sports fans also have the option to enjoy the Gameday Box, which includes one piece of chicken, a choice of three Hot Wings or six Original Recipe Bites, one individual side, and a medium drink for $4.99 plus tax.

    According to, more than 50 million consumers are watching at home instead of going to games. As the Official Sponsor of Couchgating, KFC will coach these game watchers on how to become the ultimate “couchgaters” through a dedicated section on its Facebook page ( and a partnership with, the official digital magazine for Yahoo! Sports, to create custom content.

    Features of the Facebook section include:

    ·      Rules of Couchgating, such as, “If a fellow couchgater falls asleep, all defacement must be drawn in washable marker”

    ·      Couchgating Legends, such as, Stan “Legs” Laramie, who perfected the technique of getting food from table to mouth hands-free

    ·      Couchgating Tips, such as, “Shouting at the television usually makes your team do better”

    Armchair quarterbacks and power forwards are encouraged to join the conversation through the hashtag #couchgating. The best Tweets or Facebook posts will be featured in the “Excellence in Couchgating” section. KFC will award “couchgating” gear such as t-shirts, foam fingers, and KFC gift checks weekly, and two winners will win the ultimate makeover that will turn a living room into “couchgating central,” including a couch and loveseat, HDTV, recliner, tables, mini-fridge, KFC Gameday Buckets, and more.

    Recognizing that a proper “couchgating” configuration—in combination with the Gameday Bucket—is a key factor in the success of a “couchgate,” KFC kicked off the season with surprise deliveries to students at three universities. By responding to unbranded, classified ads, a student at Xavier University and a student at Indiana University each received a brand new couch and KFC Chicken Checks from KFC. In addition, in answer to a response to the ad from a member of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at the University of Kentucky, KFC rewarded the house with a complete overhaul of their TV room.

    To reach “couchgaters” nationwide, KFC has teamed up with for a “Masters of Couchgating” video and editorial program. The custom content, which will launch on January 7, will provide a first look at some of the best tips for pulling off the perfect “couchgate.”

    “ThePostGame has established itself as the industry experts on the intersection of sports and lifestyle for fans of all ages and appetites,” says Eric Herd, vice president of sales and business development of “It was only natural that we team up with KFC to school people on the finer points of ‘couchgating.’”

    Produced by ThePostGame Productions in association with executive producer Alicia Zubikowski, the “Masters of Couchgating” video series features one-on-one interviews with athletes and celebrities about their “couchgating” experiences. Editorial will also feature “couchgate”-themed articles such as “The Dos and Don’ts of Couchgating” and “The Ultimate Celebrity Mancaves.”