King-Casey and Personica, two companies specializing in restaurant data analytics, announced they are working together to help restaurant brands optimize their menus. By combining King-Casey’s in-depth research of customer attitudes and behavior with Personica’s best-in-class data and pricing analytics, this partnership will help joint clients increase profitability with low-risk enhancements to menu content and prices.

As menus become increasingly digital, there are opportunities for brands to create custom menus based on location, guest demographics, purchasing behavior, and more. Using data gathered from POS and online ordering systems along with consumer insights gained through in-depth research, King-Casey and Personica can make recommendations to optimize restaurants’ menu strategy, design, content and pricing structure in a way that promotes profitability while encouraging repeat customers.

“The beauty of this approach is that it’s based on methodologies that our firms have proven over the years,” says Tom Cook, Principal of King-Casey. “For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping restaurants increase sales and profits by applying our customer-centric menu optimization process. Now, Personica’s analytical skills and algorithms enable us to develop and test different product and pricing strategies to determine which are best for improving business performance.”

“Our data-driven approach improves menu profit for our clients, without negatively impacting customer buying patterns and behavior,” adds Ted Babcock, Vice President Analytics Services of Personica. “While we focus on analyzing data that shows customers’ actual buying behavior, King-Casey brings the ability to understand the sentiments driving that behavior. By working together, we can provide clients a powerful combination of recommendations to optimize their menu.”

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