Industry News | January 25, 2012

Kraft Predicts Trends for 2012

Lots of trend-forecasting reports hit your desk this time of year. But this one’s different.

This one speaks in a culinary voice—addressing your audience colleague to colleague. What makes our chefs trend experts? The Kraft Culinary Centre boasts seven pedigreed culinarians with decades of collective foodservice experience.

Their trend predictions are bolstered by yearlong analysis of internal food casts and menu insights. But beyond that, the chefs at Kraft Foodservice work in the trenches every day, distilling today’s relevant trends and developing hundreds of workable recipes for Kraft users.

So what’s in store for 2012?

Patty Mitchell, C.M.B., senior executive chef, calls out two baking & pastry trends: ethnic desserts and vintage desserts. 

On vintage: “I see county-fair favorites and carnival fare coming on strong this year,” she says. “Think funnel cakes and caramel-apple flavored ice cream, malts and milk shakes, cotton candy, and marshmallows.”

Freeman Moser III, senior executive chef, forecasts customization as an overarching trend this year.

“Independent operators are poised to make the biggest impression here—from letting diners customize their whole experience through small-bites menus to choosing cooking techniques for their proteins,” he says.

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We spend our days face to face with Chefs and R&D Teams working to deliver innovative desserts that deliver the essence of their specific brand. Chef to Chef is they way products are developed today!Corporate Chefs are asking for dessert items that their core consumers are looking for and are willing to purchase. (This does not necessarily correlate with what the media is searching for; ie low sodium, zero trans, low sugar etc. )Whether its ice cream, brownies or cheesecake one theme runs true. Consumers are looking for smaller indulgent desserts and they are willing to pay for them! Just take a look at the dessert case at your favorite coffee shop, bakery cafe or ice cream shop. What are the QSR's displaying by the cash register in the form of a cookie or in a shaker cup? If it is indulgent, portable and strikes a nostalgic note with consumer, an impulse buy is inevitable!

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