The KRAFT YES Pack, an innovative and eco-friendly dressings package for the foodservice industry, has been awarded the coveted DuPont Packaging Award for innovation. The groundbreaking packaging design by KRAFT is designed to help operators manage costs and improve back-of-house efficiencies by conserving energy and raw materials during the production process.

A recent winner of the 2012 National Restaurant Association Food and Beverage Product Innovation Award, the YES Pack stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability.

"The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation celebrates how collaborating throughout the value chain can bring cost-effective innovation to the market in a way that matters to consumers," says Shanna Moore, global director sustainable packaging, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers. "The KRAFT YES Pack embodies that spirit."

The YES Pack by KRAFT earned a silver award in the category of Innovation.

The innovative YES Pack was recognized for the flexible nature of its packaging which allows operators to easily extract up to 99 percent of the dressing inside, putting more dressings on salads and less waste in landfills.

There is also a significant cost savings in discarded material as the YES Pack takes up 86 percent less dumpster space than rigid gallon jugs. The KRAFT YES Pack can be recycled, but if thrown away its waste takes up 50 percent less landfill space.

Compared with the typical rigid gallon dressing jug, the YES Pack is made with:

  • 50 percent less energy
  • 60 percent less plastic
  • 70 percent fewer CO2 emissions from transportation.


“We are honored to receive the DuPont Award for innovation and to be recognized for this achievement,” says Stacey Rychlewski, business manager, KRAFT Foodservice. “The YES Pack is a product with four years of research and industry expertise behind it. Because of its groundbreaking design, operators are getting 99 percent yield which is saving them countless dollars annually and allowing large and small business alike to be more efficient and thereby more competitive. ”

YES Pack provides foodservice operators with the same KRAFT Dressings in new, more efficient packaging. Available in a 2/1-gallon format, the YES Pack allows operators to stock a greater variety of flavors with a smaller investment.

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