As the boba tea market rises in popularity, Krak Boba, the innovative bubble tea brand based in Southern California, announced the launch of its latest brand campaign set to revolutionize the way people experience and perceive bubble tea. With a compelling new commercial and a creative strategy aimed at showcasing the diverse world of bubble tea, Krak Boba has a drink for every PersonaliTEA, from boba connoisseurs to first-time sippers.

The commercial’s focal point is to encourage newcomers to embrace the refreshing world of bubble tea by communicating that there’s a perfect drink for every personality. Krak Boba aims to educate the market on the various beverage types within the bubble tea category and highlight its versatility as a delightful drink suitable for any occasion.

To achieve this, Krak Boba introduces the concept of “PersonaliTEAs,” aligning people’s personalities with different types of bubble tea drinks. Each PersonaliTEA is designed to break down taste and lifestyle profiles into relatable and delicious flavor options, eliminating any hesitation associated with trying bubble tea for the first time.

“We wanted to turn the journey of choosing a drink into a playful and approachable adventure for our guests,” says Tin Do, CEO of Krak Boba. “Our diverse variety of beverages, from rich matcha to signature coffee blends and classic milk teas, ensures there’s a sip for every palate. The creation of the PersonaliTEAs is our way of infusing a touch of fun and interactivity, making it easy and enjoyable for our guests to discover the perfect drink that resonates with them and their lifestyle.”

Krak Boba focuses on its commitment to being a welcoming experience for each guest while creating amusing ways for them to discover or reignite their love for Boba. So far, the PersonaliTEAs consist of the following:

  • The SweeTEA Queen or King – Loves everything sweet and embraces the sugar rush.
  • The MightTEA Caffeine Wizard – Lives for caffeine and always seeks ways to maximize their day.
  • The HealthTEA Warrior – Prioritizes a healthy lifestyle and seeks nutritious options to fuel workouts.
  • The CrafTEA Connoisseur – A bubble tea aficionado who thrives on complex and creative combinations.

Each PersonaliTEA will have a unique attribute that aligns with the kingdom the personality represents. Guests will be able to take an interactive quiz to determine their PersonaliTEA, and some drink recommendations based on the score of the quiz, fostering engagement and excitement around the diverse bubble tea offerings.

The PersonaliTEA concept was created and executed by Giselle Campos, Senior Vice President and Sr. Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group, Krak Boba’s agency of record since Sept. 2023.

“We crafted this commercial mainly to encourage guests to try bubble tea for the first time by communicating that there is a refreshing drink that every personality will love,” says Campos. “We will educate the market on all the different types of drinks that fall under the bubble tea category and illustrate that bubble tea is a refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed whenever you need a little pick-me-up, anytime and any day.”

This commercial is set to take Krak Boba to the next level in the boba tea industry.

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