Krispy Kreme’s latest innovation is a mouthwatering masterpiece: introducing the first-ever ChurrDough Collection, cinnamon-and-sugary craveable churro flavors transformed into three all-new light and airy sweet treats as only Krispy Kreme can.  

Beginning Sept. 5 for a limited time at participating shops across the U.S., fans can experience these delicious ChurrDoughs individually or in a 3-pack. The ChurrDoughs are a first-of-a-kind sweet treat form for Krispy Kreme, each tossed in cinnamon sugar with a variety of unique toppings: 

  • Cinnamon Sugar Churrdough​: An all-new Churrdough tossed in cinnamon sugar and topped with swirls of cinnamon Kreme and salted caramel crunch pieces. ​ 
  • Cookies & Kreme Churrdough: An all-new Churrdough tossed in cinnamon sugar, decorated with swirls of chocolate cookie Kreme, topped with chocolate cookie pieces and drizzled with chocolate icing  
  • Dulce De Leche Churrdough: An all-new Churrdough tossed in cinnamon sugar, decorated with swirls of cream cheese icing and topped with cookie pieces and dulce de leche drizzle.  


“If you love classic churros or our Original Glazed Doughnuts, you’re going to love this light and airy, cinnamon-y, caramel-y, creamy, sugary goodness we’ve created,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme.  

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