Krispy Kreme, Long John Silver's Add 'Arrgh' to the Menu

    Industry News | September 18, 2015

    Krispy Kreme has celebrated “Talk Like a Pirate” Day (September 19) since 2012. The North Carolina–based chain is once again bringing back its special promotion in which customers receive free doughnuts for donning pirate regalia; guests who speak like a pirate get one free doughnut and those who wear at least three pirate-themed clothing pieces or accessories get a whole dozen on the house.

    This year, however, year Krispy Kreme is tapping into digital pop culture to help its fans dress for the part. One of the clothing items that customers can use in their overall ensemble is an animated image. Krispy Kreme created 11 GIFS including a pirate beard filled with half-eaten doughnuts, an eye patch covering a doughnut eyeball, a parrot, and a tattoo. 

    The campaign is the first project from Baldwin&, an advertising agency based in Raleigh, North Carolina, which recently partnered with Krispy Kreme. In addition to “wearing” the virtual accessories, customers can share their selection via Facebook or Twitter.

    In addition to Krispy Kreme, Long John Silver's will participate in Talk Like a Pirate Day for the second year in a row. Guests who speak in the buccaneer style will receive a free fish tender, and those who come dressed as Long John Silver himself or another pirate, receive a two-piece fish tender basket. Margo Mize, senior vice president of marketing at the seafood chain said the day was the perfect opportunity for the brand to play to its pirate heritage.

    Halloween is still more than a month out, but tomorrow will tell if the promise of free food lures consumers into costume garb ahead of the season.


    By Nicole Duncan