In a mobile and online coupon marketing campaign, breaking this week, Krispy Kreme—based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina—introduced what it believes to be the world’s first scannable video, and is certainly the world’s first scannable doughnut glazer. The “World’s Tastiest Coupon” campaign is by advertising agency Baldwin& in Raleigh, North Carolina.

It promotes the December 12 “Day of the Dozens,” on which all U.S. Krispy Kreme stores (in 43 states, plus D.C.) will give out a second one-dozen box of Original Glazed doughnuts, free with first dozen purchased. A coupon is required, and the agency’s brief was to create one that would also build sweet appetite appeal.

A Krispy Kreme glazing machine (same as in every Krispy Kreme store in the country) was customized so that the glaze drips out in a barcode. It was filmed in action, with the glistening, just-glazed doughnuts rolling out on conveyor, and that video footage is scannable on a smartphone—it’s the coupon.

Programmatic Flash banners, display, and mobile, drive traffic to the coupon site, where there are also three quick, 15-second behind-the-scenes “making of” videos, as well as, for the video-challenged, a paper-printable coupon). The advertising targets adults 25–54 who are past quick-service purchasers, especially within the coffee and sweet treats category, and with additional mobile targeting to those inside five miles of a Krispy Kreme store. Placement is via networks MaxPoint, Rocket Fuel and Amobee. There is also paid Facebook and Twitter advertising, via Krispy Kreme.

Baldwin& creative directors are David Baldwin and Bob Ranew. The production company is Remedy in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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