Two of the South’s most famous brands, The Krystal Company and Tabasco, have partnered to create a special “Fired Up” menu, combining Krystal products with hot and spicy flavors.

In the spirit of this collaboration, The Krystal Company commissioned a 3D lenticular photo, which showcases the legendary heritage of the brands in a contemporary format. The artwork, Southern Squared, will be one of the premiere pieces in the new Tabasco Museum. The unveiling will be held on Avery Island in Louisiana on August 4 at 9 a.m. with a presentation from Krystal’s CEO Omar Janjua. The Krystal Cruiser will also be on hand at the event with treats from the special “Fired Up” menu, which features classic Krystal products topped with cheese sauce and infused with Tabasco sauce.

“Tabasco brand and Krystal both call the South their home,” Janjua says. “The dedication of McIlhenny Company and how it has kept the brand within the family for generations is inspiring. We are proud to be a part of the impactful story of McIlhenny Company and are honored to be able to make a gift from Krystal to the museum.”

Krystal’s gift makes it the first entity to create an item specifically for display in the Tabasco Museum. The new museum is filled with McIlhenny family artifacts and original Tabasco products. It explains how the Tabasco brand got its start and how it evolved over its roughly century-and-a-half history. 

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