The Krystal Company, the brand known for its hot steamy burgers, also knows consumers want choices when it comes to when and how they savor their coffee. Now, Krystal’s restaurant guests have three new choices—hot coffee, iced coffee or frozen coffee. Krystal serves rich and flavorful Gold Peak coffee, which is a product of The Coca-Cola Company. Gold Peak Medium Roast coffee is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from Asia and South America.

Coffee “How You Like It” is part of Krystal’s ongoing initiative to continue raising the bar on customer service in every way possible. The various coffee offerings are designed to address some of the most popular ways people enjoy coffee, including freshly brewed hot coffee, specially brewed iced coffee, or as a sweet frozen treat with Krystal’s Caramel Mocha Frost.

“We know that Krystal guests like options, and the expansion of our coffee service through these three offerings means there’s a way for everyone to enjoy the smooth taste of a Gold Peak coffee beverage, any time of day,” says Alice Crowder, Vice President of Marketing for Krystal. “Whether you like your coffee hot, iced, or frozen, as an accompaniment to our fresh, delicious food or alone, as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, now you can have it how you like it, whenever you want it.”

Krystal has a long history of responding to guest preferences and trends since their inception in 1932. Some highlights include limited-time-only offerings like Corn Pups, Spicy Chiks, and Country-Fried-Steak Krystals. Coffee “How You Like It” is the latest addition to the brand’s list of updates and fresh concepts. They continue to invest in new restaurant designs, menu concepts and unique taste opportunities that keep the personal connection and Southern hospitality Krystal’s customers have come to love.

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