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    Krystal Announces New Krystal Fish and Fish Deluxe LTOs

  • Industry News February 15, 2013

    The Krystal Fish and Fish Deluxe sandwiches are being offered in select Krystal markets as part of a limited time offer.  

    The Krystal Fish is a made of premium, flaky Alaskan Pollock filet of fish with a crunchy panko crust topped with a tangy tartar sauce and served on a steamed Krystal bun. The Fish Deluxe comes with the addition of crispy lettuce and American cheese.  As part of a value introductory price, guests can now get two fish sandwiches, small fry, and a small drink for just $3.99.
    “The idea of Krystal Fish is one we have discussed for quite some time, and are extremely excited to release to our guests,” says Tom Peterson, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal. “We’re constantly looking for the best quality food that we can offer at the lowest price possible to our guests. We knew that if we offered a fish sandwich it had to be as unique as the iconic Krystal, and we believe that one taste will prove this sandwich does just that.”
    In addition to the new fish items at Krystal, a 3 for $3 Mix and Match breakfast value meal is being offered with a choice of any of the popular on-the-go breakfast products (Krystal Sunrise, Krystal Egg & Cheese, Sausage Biscuit, Hash Brown Kryspers, coffee, or small drink) for just $3. 
    The Krystal Fish, Fish Deluxe, and 3 for $3 Breakfast will be offered for a limited time only to restaurants in Mobile, Alabama; Macon and Warner-Robbins, Georgia; and, Chattanooga and Memphis, Tennessee.