A Southern icon and fast-food innovator for more than 76 years, The Krystal Company is giving its guests big reasons to celebrate National Hamburger Month this May. In honor of America’s favorite sandwich, Krystal is introducing two new savory Big Angus Burger flavor toppings–Bar-B-Q Bacon Cheese and Chili Cheese–along with a special $5 Krystal Burgers Basket Meal showcasing both Krystal’s Original Big Angus Burger and two Famous Krystal hamburgers.

And the celebration won’t just taste great either. It will also reward guests all month long as Krystal launches the Web site NationalHamburgerMonth.com and hosts a 31-day social media event featuring more than $3,000 in prizes and a live, streaming video “Krystal Giveaway Show” broadcast from Chattanooga on May 27.

“We’ve been serving up great-tasting hamburgers, both big and small, over the past 76 years, and we’re excited to celebrate National Hamburger Month this May with two new Big Angus Burger offerings as well as a great basket meal offer that puts the spotlight on both the Famous Krystal and our Big Angus Burger,” says Fred Exum, chief executive officer, The Krystal Company. “Featuring all-Angus beef and premium-only toppings, our Big Angus Burgers are the hamburgers the other guys don’t want you to know about.”

The Bar-B-Q Bacon Cheese and Chili Cheese Big Angus Burgers are both made to order with premium ingredients and served hot off the grill as a Basket Meal that includes a heaping pile of fries and tasty beverage. The Bar-B-Q Bacon Cheese Big Angus Burger features a large, 1/3 pound, 100 percent Black Angus chuck patty smothered in a Sweet and Spicy Bar-B-Q sauce and is topped with crispy bacon, American cheese, fresh lettuce, diced grape tomatoes, chopped onions, and pickles. The two-handed, big Chili Cheese Big Angus Burger comes complete with Krystal Pup chili, shredded cheddar cheese, and a dollop of mustard to maximize flavor.

Krystal’s special $5 Krystal Burgers Basket Meal will be offered in restaurants systemwide beginning May 11. Available for a limited time only, the meal includes Krystal’s two-handed Original Big Angus Burger, two Famous Krystal hamburgers, a generous pile of french fries and a refreshing beverage–all at an unbeatable value of only $5.

While guests will be busy enjoying Krystal hamburgers all month long, Krystal will also keep them busy interacting online at NationalHamburgerMonth.com and on Facebook, Twitter and Ustream.tv. The interactive campaign will engage guests with 31 days of giveaways on Facebook and Twitter and encourage interaction via a live, streaming video “Giveaway Show” on May 27, the Official Krystal Burgers Day. Broadcast via Ustream.tv from Krystal’s “3-D” (Drive-In, Dine-In, Drive-Thru) restaurant in Chattanooga, the webcast will have Krystal employees, including vice president of Marketing Brad Wahl, interacting with Krystal Lovers online throughout the day while giving away $100 Krystal Gift Cards and loads of Krystal goodies, including gear and memorabilia.

To participate in the various social media events, guests are encouraged to become fans of Krystal on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Over $3,000 worth of Big Angus Burgers, Krystal Gift Cards, and Krystal goodies will be given away throughout the entire month of May. For more information and event details, visit NationalHamburgerMonth.com.

“We’re actively engaging our guests on a number of social media sites already, and for National Hamburger Month, we’re going to have even more fun with them by giving away gift cards and prizes every single day of May,” says Brad Wahl, vice president of marketing, The Krystal Company. “It will be a great opportunity to put a face behind the brand and speak with our guests one on one, especially during our day-long live web event on May 27.”

In addition to Krystal’s new Big Angus Basket Meals, the company has plans to launch a series of new food and beverage menu items throughout the year for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and various snack times.