Krystal Restaurants is celebrating its Atlanta ties with an immersive restaurant takeover in partnership with Butter.ATL. Starting this week, Krystal is spotlighting the spirit, history, and traditions of Atlanta at its Northside Drive restaurant (626 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318). Though born in Chattanooga, Krystal has called Atlanta home for the past several years, and it’s chosen Butter.ATL to help bring to life what it means to live in, be inspired by and love the many facets of the ATL.

“We are so proud to be headquartered in Atlanta and to share just a little bit of what we love about this city so much,” says Thomas Stager, President of Krystal Restaurants LLC. “Partnering with Butter has allowed us to showcase that pride in a way that only a first-tier agency like Butter can bring to life.  This collaboration has allowed us to tell our story in a way that we know generations of Krystal lovers will appreciate.

“Culture is Atlanta’s number one export and Butter drives the culture forward by putting a spotlight on the cultural mecca that Atlanta is—all things cool, current, and authentic in a city that has tremendous hometown pride. Krystal has occupied its own unique space in southern food culture for decades and we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership with this legacy brand. We look forward to the role the new Krystal x Butter restaurant will play in telling Atlanta’s story,” adds Brandon Butler, Executive Director for Butter.ATL.

During 2019 and 2020, Krystal underwent a major brand renovation aimed at readying the brand for new growth and expansion. Working with an internal theme of UNITED, the corporate team streamlined operations, strengthened the brand’s financial position, and reshaped and updated its legendary brand image to reflect a legacy of serving up fun and joy, one little square burger at a time. At the start of 2021, the team’s efforts placed Krystal in a position to capitalize on numerous gains through expanded marketing, brand awareness, and business building opportunities. The Krystal x Butter.ATL execution along with the upcoming launch of a new prototype and new franchisee news are among the latest of these new initiatives.

“The Krystal x Butter.ATL experience reflects a shared admiration for our Atlanta,” says Alice Crowder, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal. “Together we’re showcasing pop culture, real-life history, pastimes and passions that all contribute to the tapestry of the city. From Coca-Cola bottles, Olympic Park, and the “A-Town Down” hand signal, to installations showcasing home-grown ATL artists and the local photography studio that’s been a rite of passage for prom and high school photos, to a larger-than-life gold chain on the sign out front, this is Krystal’s way of saying “We love you, Atlanta.  And we got you,” Crowder added.

Butter.ATL is the in-house media company for Dagger, an Atlanta-based ad agency and recipient of a 2020 Ad Age Small Agency of the Year Award – Silver, Southeast. Butter.ATL is Atlanta’s definitive culture channel and a sought-after stage for the city’s cultural icons.

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