Krystal restaurants, serving iconic square burgers since 1932, will soon offer all-new Boneless Chicken Wings. Available hand-tossed in guests’ choice of a tangy Southern-style barbecue sauce or a classic spicy Buffalo sauce, the boneless wings will be introduced in six-piece meals with a small beverage and small fries for $3.99.

“Our traditional wings have been very popular with guests,” says Alice Crowder, vice president of marketing for Krystal. “Our new boneless wings offer guests a choice between two classics. Whichever way you go, you’re sure to be back for more.”

Starting on Monday, August 8 and carrying through October 16, Krystal’s hand-tossed Boneless Wings will be available at all participating locations. Boneless and bone-in wings both come with a side of Ranch if requested, and both can be ordered in larger pack sizes.

The launch of the new menu item is set to coincide with the 2016 Summer Games and the kick off of the college and professional football seasons.

“Wings are the perfect treat to enjoy while watching your favorite athletes and teams give it their all,” Crowder says. “There’s something about sports and chicken wings that just belong together. Krystal has just made it easy to enjoy the event even more, whether you prefer bone-in or boneless, and in a variety of flavors sure to please.”

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