Beginning February 15 Krystal will start offering special Happy Hour menu deals from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on its most popular items. The Happy Hour menu will feature a $0.59 Krystal, a $0.79 Krystal with Cheese, and a $0.99 loaded Krystal with Cheese and Bacon. Items will be available at all participating restaurant locations, though pricing may vary.

The move comes from research the brand fielded that American dining habits are shifting with overscheduled adults and children having activities that often call for a late supper, many people are looking for a mid-afternoon snack to bridge the gap.  Krystal is offering an alternative almost all people can appreciate.

“Those hours between work/school time and home time are important for many people,” says CMO Jason Abelkop. “We’ve seen from our thriving late-night business that meal times are not as rigid as they once were. Often, people just want a quick bite so they can be on their way. Our Happy Hour offering is designed to meet that need for many different kinds of people.”

The Happy Hour menu is also designed to offer extra value and convenience for those that dine or snack during off-peak hours. “Often, when you show up at a restaurant during happy hour, you’re either limited in your food selections or you end up waiting a long time for the kitchen to prepare something. At Krystal, our Happy Hour deals are hot and tasty at a price everyone can appreciate.” The full Krystal menu is also available during the 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. happy hour window, including fries, Pups, chili, milkshakes, and more.

“At 59 cents, 79 cents, or 99 cents, it’s really affordable to build a delicious meal alongside our popular sides and other items,” Abelkop adds. “Happy Hours are supposed to be about getting the biggest bang for your buck … and we look forward to making that happen again and again.” 

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