The Krystal Company launched a new frozen beverage on Memorial Day. The summer treat is a hybrid drink fusing Sprite and crushed ice found in Krystal’s traditional slushies with softserve vanilla ice cream for an innovative flavor and texture combination. Lemonade, Grape and Fruit Punch Frosted Slushies are available until September 23 for $1.50 each at participating locations while supplies last.

“It’s a mashup of our regular Slushie but with soft-serve ice cream,” says Paul Macaluso, Krystal president and CEO. “Frosted Slushies are a cool, craveable addition to our summer menu, providing the perfect balance to our hot steamy Krystals, Chiks, fries and our new tots.”

While 80 percent of Krystal’s non-breakfast orders include Krystal burgers, limited-time offers (LTOs) freshen the flavor profile that attracts customers and ensures relevance for the brand, according to Macaluso. LTOs increase the average check by as much as 40 percent. Krystal’s Frosted Slushies are this season’s take on the popular chilled beverage, following last year’s Frozen Lemonhead Slushies made with real Lemonhead candies.

The Lemonhead Slushie was Krystal’s most successful frozen beverage LTO to date and accounted for more than 60 percent of all slushie sales last summer. In addition to Slushies, Krystal serves sundaes, cones and shakes made with soft-serve ice cream as part of its Sweet & Cold menu. The handspun shakes are topped with whipped cream and available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and Oreo flavors. Krystal’s classic apple turnover rounds out the dessert options.

As an alternative to the new Frosted Slushie, Krystal is offering its original Sprite Slushies in Lemonade, Grape and Fruit Punch at a promotional price point of $1 at all restaurants until September 23 while supplies last. The South’s oldest fast-food brand, Krystal was recently selected to USA Today’s Top-10 Best Regional Fast Food List.

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