When two of the South’s most famous brands team up, hot results are sure to follow. That’s why the highly anticipated partnership between Krystal and Tabasco brand has food fans so excited. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Krystal, and I put Tabasco Original Red Sauce on just about everything,” says Atlanta-area resident Matt Sickler. “You better believe I’m going to be one of the first in line to try the new combo items.” Available from June 13 through August 7, the new Fired-Up menu includes great items that can be “fired-up” with a cheese sauce infused with Tabasco Sauce, which is versatile on all of our products.

“We have a long-standing tradition of partnering with fellow Southern heritage brands,” says Alice Crowder, vice president of marketing for Krystal. “McIlhenny Company has a deep history of quality and flavor, and we’re very excited to deliver that trademark taste to our guests.” 

There are two items from the Fired-Up menu in the brand’s popular Mix 5 for $5 offering: a Cheese Krystal and longtime LTO favorite, the Spicy Chik, both topped with the Fired-Up cheese sauce infused with Tabasco Sauce. In addition, the brand is offering a Fired-Up Combo, in which the guest chooses three of their favorite items (Krystal, Chik, or Pup) topped with bacon, Fired-Up cheese sauce, and jalapeños. The combo even comes with a side of Fired-Up cheese sauce topped with jalapeños for dipping fries.

Last but certainly not least, Krystal is adding to its popular loaded fries menu with Fired-Up Fries, a chili-cheese fry topped with the Fired-Up cheese sauce infused with Tabasco Sauce, the brand’s classic chili, shredded cheese, and spicy jalapeños. All combos and menu items are available at participating restaurants while supplies last.

“At Krystal, we’re all about craveability, and we’re always looking to make our classic items even better,” Crowder says. “We’re looking forward to serving these Fired-Up favorites to our guests, and to bringing even great choices to market throughout the rest of this year.” 

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