For nearly 85 years, The Krystal Company has served fresh, delicious food at the right price. From their little square hamburgers to made-to-order breakfast, Krystal means great food and excellent service. Now, the brand has set its sights on a new goal—quenching the ultimate thirst— by setting the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest frozen beverage on September 9 on the grounds of the Tennessee State Fair.

Krystal, along with its partners Kool-Aid, Blendtec, Proforma, and the Tennessee State Fair, will attempt to set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title by creating an 850-liter (225-gallon) Green Apple Slushie, a refreshing beverage made with Kool-Aid drink mix. The Slushie is part of the brand’s Sweet & Cold menu, which includes soft-serve ice cream, shakes and slushies.

“We, along with our guests, have grown up watching GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempts; what better way to make history and have fun,” says Joe Artime, Director of Brand Activation for The Krystal Company. “We are honored and excited to be a part of this experience and are thankful for our partners who helped us craft this spectacular and popular ice-cold beverage.”

Krystal introduced the Sweet & Cold menu this summer to complement the brand’s signature hot and steamy Krystals, along with other savory menu items. These treats were designed to give guests a new crave-worthy option as well as a new choice.

Planning for the supersized GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt began in early 2017 and involved hundreds of engineering and product quality experts and volunteers. The FDA-regulated 850-liter container will travel across state lines from Georgia to Tennessee.

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