The Krystal Company announced it is rolling out a free online offer for its new branded energy drink, beginning August 10 and lasting through August 17.

The week-long social media campaign will require guests to stay tuned to Krystal’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube pages to discover specific Web addresses that contain the required coupon. Each Web page containing the free Krystal Blitz offer will remain live only temporarily, and once the page disappears, guests will have to stay tuned for the Web address to the next coupon posted. Guests will be able to share the coupon’s Web page directly with their friends by posting the most current link to their Facebook wall or Twitter.

Each printable coupon will be valid for a free 20-ounce Krystal Blitz, served either “On the Rocks” or “Frozen” ($1.99 and $2.49, respectively), and can be used immediately that day and up through the end of the next day.

“We’re excited to once again engage our very active online audience with a fun Krystal Blitz campaign that allows guests to enjoy our new, great-tasting, and uplifting energy drink for free,” says Brad Wahl, vice president of marketing for the Krystal Company. “This is just one of the many ways we’re showing appreciation to all of our loyal Krystal lovers online.”

Sources for clues to the Web address of the most current offer will vary throughout the day and week.

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