The Krystal Company—a fast-food icon famous for its small, square hamburgers and big-taste menu items—and PeopleMatter, the only comprehensive talent management solution designed specifically for the service industry, have joined forces to simplify Krystal’s human resource processes.

PeopleMatter HIRE, a flexible, automated hiring system, will be used in 213 locations. HIRE simplifies hiring tasks, such as applicant tracking, onboarding, and electronic I-9 verification. 

Krystal’s brand centers on its signature dish, the Famous Krystal Hamburger. However, the company positions itself as an industry leader through innovation, in both its menu and its operations.

Part of the “Krystal Kreed” is to render quick, efficient, and courteous service. The PeopleMatter platform offers an innovative talent management platform that helps the company’s workforce live up to these ideals.

“Krystal needed a Web-based solution to meet our company and workforce needs,” says Doug Pendergast, Krystal CEO. "PeopleMatter stood out as a feature-rich platform, uniquely positioned in the foodservice industry. They are a great fit for our present and future strategies and we’re looking forward to working with them.”

Krystal views HIRE as an opportunity to improve and simplify recruiting processes. The software easily integrates and automates all hiring processes, including background checks, assessments, and employee verification.

The cloud-based solution delivers 24/7 access to Krystal’s sizeable workforce and numerous locations. HIRE also offers corporate-level visibility into workforce management.

HIRE provides a user-friendly, scalable solution for the company’s 6,200 employees, while meeting Krystal’s corporate requirements. The clean user interface and ability to integrate with other payroll and POS systems makes it easy for stores to adopt and use the solution while providing greater return on investment.

"Krystal is highly regarded in the restaurant industry and considered an innovative leader in the QSR market,” says Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and CEO. “Their selection of PeopleMatter is another validation of a technology solution specifically designed to needs with service-industry needs.”

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