When the cold winter temperatures have you craving something warm and comforting, Krystal Restaurants LLC, the original quick-service restaurant chain in the South, has you covered with hearty meal solutions. It’s gravy’s time to shine as Krystal serves up for a limited time their Country Fried Krystal slider and biscuit, and Country Loaded Tots. Krystal is also introducing their new Sausage & Gravy Bites. All the dishes feature the traditional southern peppery white gravy but enhanced in Krystal’s own unique way.

“As we kick off the new year and navigate the hectic winter season, it’s nice to take a moment and delight in a hearty meal that’s convenient, filling, and offered at a great price,” says Alice Crowder, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal Restaurants LLC. “Our white gravy is like your favorite cozy blanket or sweater and provides just the right amount of comfort for your cravings. We’ve taken this classic side dish and made it the star, whether you enjoy it smothered on our Country Loaded Tots or topped on our Country Fried Krystal. It’s all gravy.”

The newest Krystal gravy sensations are the Sausage & Gravy Bites. These poppable bites of gravy goodness are studded with sausage and fried to perfection. Plus, they’re portable and served all day, so you can enjoy your gravy on-the-go.

The Country Fried Krystal Biscuit is making its return for the morning hours. The all-beef patty is coated in Krystal’s special blend of spices, fried until golden brown, topped with that peppery white gravy and served on a hot, flaky Krystal biscuit. Just another delicious way to take breakfast into your own hands.

If your gravy cravings hit later in the day, Krystal is bringing back their fan-favorite Country Fried Krystal, which takes all the goodness of the Country Fried Krystal Biscuit and serves it on their signature soft, steamy bun.

To round out this Gravy Takeover, Krystal is serving up Country Loaded Tots. This dish features a heaping portion of hot, crispy tater tots and loads them up with classic peppery white gravy, shredded cheddar cheese, and bacon.

To indulge in these limited-time gravy-smothered dishes, visit your local Krystal, order online, or order on the Krystal app.

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