Fog Cutter Capital Group Inc.’s Fatburger restaurant unit announced the opening of its first store in Kuwait City, to be followed by its second Jakarta, Indonesia, location.

The Kuwait City restaurant is the first of five locations planned for Kuwait with franchisee Nawaf Al-Sharekh of Universal Food Company, who says, “I’m very proud to partner with Fatburger and look forward to bringing ‘L.A.’s Best Burger,’ as well as their quality shakes and fries, to our customers in this market.”

Jakarta’s second store will be located in the Plaza Senayan. The upscale mall in Central Jakarta, known for its diverse high-end shops and services, is one of the most popular shopping destinations for local residents, tourists, and business travelers alike. Fatburger plans to open six more locations in Jakarta over the next few years.

“Our business is thriving in Asia and the Middle East,” says Andy Wiederhorn, chairman of Fatburger. “While American burger concepts have become popular, respecting local practices and customs continues to be a key element of Fatburger’s growth strategy.

“We always deliver our core products and distinctive brand experience, but market nuances may dictate subtle adjustments, perhaps substituting a local dessert, topping, or condiment. Our customers are very loyal, they appreciate these details, and respond by coming back with friends and family.”

Similarly, Hong Kong designer Robert Lee has been commissioned to integrate Fatburger’s branding with locally relevant design and materials to create a warm, welcoming environment.

“This has been a truly collaborative experience,” says Lee, who credits open dialogue with Fatburger and its local franchise partners as paramount to the project’s success.

Fatburger boasts 18 locations outside the U.S., in Canada, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, with plans to open more than 40 more locations internationally over the next several years.

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