It’s extremely difficult to attract customers to a restaurant if you don’t provide excellent quality. The single most essential aspect of a successful restaurant business is quality control, specially across the different stores of your chain. However, restaurant quality control is not just limited to food hygiene and to following a recipe; it also addresses the industry’s main challenges which are Labor, Food Cost, and Speed. Restaurant owners not only need to be on top of every shift to ensure that their food is being done properly, they also need a solution that can reduce food costs and measure production time from order to service for each customer.

Kwali offers a Food Production Platform, currently available for pizza chains, that automates the quality control process and provides an easy-to-use platform with all the information restaurant owners need to improve their operations. Kwali enables restaurants to get a performance-based Leaderboard for each shift, resulting in increased employee retention by 200%. This performance-based Leaderboard helps restaurant owners to identify and compensate talent. The platform also allows restaurants to engage with their teams and create a positive work environment.

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, with new technology and guest preferences shaping the landscape. One of the most notable changes after COVID-19 has been the ongoing labor shortage. This shortage has led to many headaches for operators, as being short-staffed affects a restaurant’s ability to provide a superior guest experience. Kwali’s Leaderboard feature is designed to enable restaurants to retain employees by motivating them with performance-based recognition and to target-train the ones that require it. With Kwali, restaurateurs can compensate and manage teams like never before.

On top of the Shift Leaderboard, Kwali helps restaurants reduce their food costs by up to 15%. It does this by checking each food item and comparing it to the original recipe, order by order, shift by shift. They identify each ingredient over usage for each food item, giving actionable insights to store managers. Kwali also measures production time so that restaurants can be more efficient in their food preparation. This can lead to faster service for customers and fewer surprises. Production time is also very relevant when it comes to dealing with Delivery companies and Take Away customers. Being on time is more important than ever. Overall, Kwali is an invaluable tool to scale production by 10%.

Kwali is the food production platform that restaurateurs have been waiting for. It is revolutionizing the food industry with computer vision for production monitoring and emerges as a game-changer for quick-serves. Kwali has already helped many restaurants improve their quality control and get positive online reviews. David Vera, former Chief Excellence Officer of Papa John’s largest franchisee Drake Food Services, says, “It is the most amazing solution I’ve seen in my 20 years working at Papa John’s. I see many benefits in terms of productivity, savings, and training.”

San Francisco-based Kwali was founded by Emmanuel Massenez and Juan Pablo Morales, two tech entrepreneurs passionate about food and computer vision. Emmanuel Massenez, CEO of Kwali, has been in the tech industry for the last ten years. During his experience as a startup founder, he successfully built a software firm that works with brands like Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King, and others. Juan Pablo Morales, the CTO, is a mathematician, engineer, and AI professor. He used to be a chess whiz kid as a youngster and an enthusiastic Kaggle member. Together, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to the table with Kwali.

As the backbone of quick service, the kitchen is a complex space that requires efficient and effective technologies to run smoothly. Unfortunately, none of the current technologies in the market address the complexities of the kitchen. Kwali is a new technology that was designed specifically for the kitchen. Emmanuel says, “Most of [quick-service restaurant] pains are in the kitchen though most of the tech focuses on the front of the restaurant. We are looking at a great opportunity to solve big headaches.” 

Kwali is the solution to many of the problems that fast-food restaurants face. With its computer vision for quality control, performance-based Leaderboard, and ability to reduce food costs and measure speed, Kwali is the pioneer of a new wave of tech that is revolutionizing the industry.

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