Lamb Weston, a ConAgra Foods brand, announced today the launch of its new global brand identity expressed by the tagline “seeing possibilities in potatoes.” The launch aligns Lamb Weston operations worldwide under a common brand vision, describing the way the frozen potato supplier brings value to its customers’ businesses. The new global identity is the first major change to the Lamb Weston brand in its more than 50 year history. 

To ensure the work amplified the organization’s customer focus, Lamb Weston completed extensive research with customers in seven countries around the globe to identify the one thing they provide that others do not—inventiveness. The new brand identity captures the essence of Lamb Weston’s approach: improving its customers’ businesses by harnessing the collective imagination of its people to provide inventive solutions that respond to the quickly changing demands of today’s consumer.

“Our new brand identity truly captures what we do every day at Lamb Weston—we never settle, we always push for the best for our customers around the world,” says Lisa Bescherer, vice president of marketing, Lamb Weston. “When we look at a potato, we don’t just see a potato, we see possibilities.” 

A truly global player in the foodservice business, Lamb Weston’s frozen potato products can be found in more than 100 countries around the world. This global reach provides a unique viewpoint on both consumer and menu trends that allows the french fry supplier to respond with effective solutions to help operators delight its consumers. Recently, the company demonstrated its focus on helping operators build momentum in its business with three brand-new initiatives:

Trace My Fries: Lamb Weston broke new ground in the frozen potato category by offering operators the unique opportunity to trace their fries back to one of five growing regions. Participants can visit to access regional information that can be relayed to patrons to help build a deeper connection to both the fries and the establishment itself.

House Cuts Lattice Chips: Consumers are not only interested in where their food comes from, but also what’s in it. Lamb Weston allows operators to keep their ingredient lists simple with its brand new House Cuts Lattice Chips, made with only three ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, and sea salt.

Sweet Potato Fries: Research shows that patrons are continually seeking out new and inventive flavors to add excitement to their dining experience. Lamb Weston responded to this growing consumer demand by expanding its Sweet Things sweet potato portfolio to include both savory and sweet options, which will also increase operator sales and profitability.

The Trace My Fries initiative and new menu options are but a few examples of how Lamb Weston leverages insights and innovation to help operators respond to dynamic, consumer demands. The company will continue to partner with its customers, responding to their unique, ever-changing business needs with actionable insights and solutions.

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