Serving drinks including, beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee on self-pour taps is the newest and hottest trend entering the bar and restaurant industry, and now it’s coming to Georgia. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee located in Alpharetta, Geprgoa, features a 24-tap self-serve beer and wine beverage wall.

Land of a Thousand Hills has five active locations in Atlanta, and another four around the U.S. Their eight-screen, 24-tap setup in Alpharetta, assembled and powered by PourMyBeer, will be their first location to use self-pour technology. Using this innovative technology, customers will be able to pour their own beers, ciders without having to wait for a bartender. It will certainly represent more revenue for Land of a Thousand Hills, as well as happier customers who are able to pour and have fun without any wait.

To use it, customers simply come to the check-in area, where they receive an RFID card and link it to a payment method. This gives them access to the beverage wall offering a variety of 24 beers including sours, IPAs, and hyper-local brews.  Everyone can then sample any and all of the drinks, and pour exactly as much as they want by the ounce.

Land of a Thousand Hills is moving with the times by taking advantage of self-pour, but they also take care to ensure that their main product, coffee, is of the highest quality. “We believe coffee is more than just careful farming, intentional processing, and expert roasting. Coffee is an opportunity to do good, and doing good means we get to help people and champion dignity. We invite people to be a part of a community that invests in coffee farming villages to provide living wages, education, healthcare, and clean water, while celebrating the craft of specialty coffee.”

Land of a Thousand Hills is located at 6330 Halcyon Way Building 700, Suite 780, Alpharetta, GA 30005 and is expected to open in February, 2020.