Colorado-based burger concept Larkburger announced it will celebrate its 10th anniversary by raising a glass to its fans across Colorado. On December 9, all Larkburger locations will offer each guest a free, small birthday cake-flavored milkshake, with no purchase required. Celebrations will continue throughout the weekend with social media trivia contests, providing true Larkburger fanatics an opportunity to demonstrate their brand knowledge for a chance to win free burgers and more. Born from a chef with a dream to bring culinary to the people, Larkburger has successfully grown based on the team’s fanatical dedication to using classic culinary techniques to create a signature selection of flavorful burgers, fries, salads and shakes.

“We set out to create a place where families could go to get a quick burger and not sacrifice on flavor, ingredients or quality,” says Chef Thomas Salamunuovich, founder of Larkburger. “As we always look for ways to give back to our community, we’re hoping to celebrate this milestone with all our supporters who have made our growth possible.”

In 1999, the “Larkburger” was first featured on the menu at renowned Chef Salamunuovich’s fine dining Larkspur Restaurant in Vail, Colorado. Inspired by many years of enthusiastic responses to the Larkburger, Salamunuovich recognized that a perfectly-prepared, all-natural gourmet burger would be appreciated beyond Vail and in a more approachable environment. In 2006, Salamunuovich set out on a mission to bring the hallmarks of fine dining to the masses by creating a menu of American favorites using premium ingredients, savory and sophisticated flavor combinations and classic cooking techniques. The resulting Larkburger restaurant was born, providing families accessibility to a high culinary IQ experience in a fast-casual setting with recognizable menu items, like craveable burgers.

From serving crafted and simple burgers, fries, salads and shakes, to helping protect the environment and giving back to its local communities, Larkburger has achieved some exciting milestones over the last 10 years, including:

Burgers sold since opening: 7,296,781

Gallons of canola oil recycled: more than 18,000

Tons of waste saved from the landfill via Larkburger's composting program: 1,063

Amount of reclaimed cypress used in restaurant design: 19,000 square feet

Total local beers sold: more than 163,000

Pounds of potatoes used: 3,278,212

Total charitable contributions: $139,105

Environmental effect of Larkburger's wind credit program: equivalent of removing 1,067 cars from the road for one year

Total milkshakes sold: 883,666

Pounds of beef used: 1,554,900

The first Larkburger location opened in Edwards, Colorado, and the company has expanded to 12 locations throughout Colorado. In September of this year, Larkburger announced Todd Coerver would join the team as the new CEO to round out the company’s infrastructure and accelerate its growth, including expansion into new markets.

“It’s an honor to celebrate the first 10 years of Larkburger with the team, and to look forward with excitement to the next 10 years,” says Coerver. “This is a special time for us. As we prepare for our next phase of growth, we will be driven forward by our unwavering obsession for creating craveable food using classic culinary techniques and the best ingredients possible.”

Larkburger will look to expand in 2017, with continued growth in Colorado and beyond. On a parallel path, the Larkburger team will be focused on hiring new talent and implementing systems and processes to comfortably accommodate the anticipated growth.

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