Tacotarian, the popular vegan Mexican Eatery (4 locations), has been at the forefront of the battle with 3rd party food delivery apps like Doordash & Grubhub since the beginning of the pandemic. Co-Founder Kristen Corral worked with County Commissioner Tick Segerblom to put a 15% cap on the delivery commissions in August 2020, but that cap is set to expire when the emergency order is lifted. Then restaurants will be back to paying tech giants like Doordash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub 33-37% per order.

So Corral and her team got to work creating a food delivery co-op that would compete against the delivery giants and would keep 100% of the money local. 

“The idea of food delivery apps as a necessary evil is something that people always say. But it’s only because no one has taken the initiative to create something better. When we came across the LOCO COOP model which was already operating in several other cities successfully, we knew we could make it work here in Las Vegas,” says Corral.

Some of the highlights of LOCO include:

  • 100% of the profits go back to COOP members

  • Low commissions – 15% with the idea of going lower as we grow

  • Local customer service reps to help customers and restaurants

  • Well trained higher paid drivers. LOCO VEGAS drivers can earn $14-18/hr with a combination of commissions and tips. Drivers will also be required to carry a Food Delivery card which is an accredited program created by Mark Steele of the Restaurant Hospitality Institute (RHI) specifically for food delivery drivers. 

  • Partnership with Nicholas & Co. Foods. They are sponsoring restaurants who join LOCO with cashback deals. 

LOCO VEGAS has hit the ground running and has nearly 75 restaurants interested in joining the platform. Kristen started by getting most of the Vegan and Vegan friendly restaurants in town involved.  Some of those restaurants include Fuku Burger, 595 Craft and Kitchen, Main Street Provisions, Firefly Tapas, Tacos & Beer, Fuku Burger,The Great Greek, Honey Salt, Soul Belly, Vegenation, Tarantino’s Vegan, NoButcher, Underground Burger, Phytos Vegan, Tacotarian, Cafe No Fur, Down 2 Earth Plant Based Cuisine,  Cafe Express, The Juice Box, Cornish Pasty, Golden Fog, The Sand Dollar, Guerilla Pizza, Bronze Cafe, Fruits n’ Roots, Hummus Bowl, Good Morning Kitchen and many others.  The company is focused on bringing a variety of food options to the platform so everyone can get what they want while making sure food delivery is done in a sustainable way.  To find out more about LOCO VEGAS follow along on Facebook & Instagram. Restaurants interested in getting involved can email hello@locovegas.coop. Drivers can apply at locovegas.coop 

“COOPS are the future of food delivery. There is no reason why local independent restaurants should be relying on Silicon Valley to solve problems for our customers. By keeping the money local we are supporting restaurants, drivers and providing our customers with elevated customer service.” says Corral

Loco Las Vegas launched in June and has already helped restaurants by bringing in $250,000+ in sales and has done nearly 3K deliveries.