McDonald’s Latin America has completed an agreement with the Copa Toyota Libertadores to hold exclusive rights in the foodservice company category in one of the most prestigious tournaments in global football.

“This is a tremendous honor for us,” says McDonald’s Latin America President, Jose Armario. “We want to be where our customers are—to share their passions. It’s part of the unique bond we work to create with them. This is especially true of our relationship with young adults.”

The company plans to build on the relationship in many ways. “We score thanks to the visibility the Copa provides with a cumulative television audience of nearly 10 billion people. We also score through our association with the premier club tournament in the regions as our individual markets develop grassroots extensions within each country. And, the ‘Hat Trick’ comes when we are able to incentivize and reward our hard working restaurant crew people and our customers through unique, ‘Only McDonald’s can do’ activities,” Armario says.

The timing of this agreement signals the beginning of a larger, more strategic football platform and also fits well within McDonald’s global campaign to advocate more balanced active lifestyles, through it’s new messaging, “it’s what i eat and what i do…i’m lovin’ it™”. Through sports sponsorships and other programs—the company hopes to educate consumers on the importance of activity and energy balance.

The company is feverishly developing opportunities to take advantage of the 2005 season’s remaining matches, but promises to bring this relationship to life in 2006 with programs not unlike how the global McDonald’s Corporation activates its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup.

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