Industry News | October 15, 2002

Layoffs May Be Forthcoming At McDonald's

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Dow Jones is reporting rumors of possible layoffs looming at McDonald’s Corp. in the near future. The rumors have been coming from within corporate headquarters over the last few days according to franchisees and suppliers.

McDonald’s is making moves to strengthen is financial position and may be considering the layoffs as a cost-cutting measure. The first layoff in the company’s history at corporate offices was in 1998. Just last year, McDonald’s laid off 700 in only their second round of layoffs in history as part of a restructuring of U.S. operations.

The company is avoiding talking about possible layoffs saying, "It is inappropriate to give credence to speculation and rumoring. McDonald's management team is focused on increasing sales, growing our business and building shareholder value."


One owner operator in charlotte, nc laid off more than 40 employees New Year's Eve 12/31/12. Saying "no hard feelings its business". The layoff included GMs and above as well as office personnel and maintenance crew. "None of us saw this coming. Most of us have been working for him for 10+ years."

My husband was laid off in November of 2012 after being a GM for 26+ years. He was given one month's severance (which was really the left over vacation/sick/holiday pay). When he called McD's cooperate they said to him, "we will do whatever we need too to make the bottom line"! 26 years with a company and this is how they treated him. They are also cutting everyone else down to 30 hours so they can avoid paying for health insurance.

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