Le Macaron French Pastries is unveiling its newest beverage offerings ranging from elevated coffee drinks to infused milkshakes. The beverage menu is designed to complement the brand’s high-quality, authentic macarons and pastries customers have comes to love.

Available permanently system-wide, the Florida-based elegant French patisserie franchise has brought an array of innovative iced and hot coffee beverages, as well as gelato-based milkshakes to the existing robust beverage selection. With eight original items being added, some notable highlights include:

Blackberry Lavender White Moch—This espresso beverage is an enhanced version of the traditional white chocolate classic. Enriched with blackberry and lavender flavorings, each beverage is finished with a blanket of whip cream and drizzled syrup.

Chocolate Stout Iced Latte—Another espresso beverage for an extra energy boost, this new offering puts a spin on the traditional latte by incorporating caramel and hazelnut flavorings, as well as dark chocolate sauce. In typical Le Macaron French Pastries fashion, the beverage is completed with a layer of whip cream and chocolate syrup.

Violet Rose Milkshake—With a gelato base, this milkshake contains lavender and rose flavorings for a unique taste sure to invigorate and delight taste buds.

Affogato—A soon to be favorite, this simple yet tasty offering combines an espresso shot with one scoop of gelato and is customized with the guest’s choice of any syrup flavoring or sauce.

“Our elevated beverage program is the next step in showcasing the originality and authenticity of our product offerings outside of our famous macarons,” says Rosalie Guillem, CEO and co-founder of Le Macaron French Pastries. “Our guests are always looking for something stimulating and exciting to please taste buds and we enjoy providing options beyond the little bites of heaven that we’re known for.”  

Founded by France natives and mother-daughter team Rosalie Guillem and Audrey Saba, Le Macaron French Pastries provides an authentic French experience for Americans nationwide. Upon entering, guests are greeted with brilliant colors and a modern interior complemented with traditional music playing throughout the café. Offering more than 20 flavors of macarons, as well as seasonal flavors, the menu extends to include pastries, gelato, coffee, cakes, éclairs, and more. Known for providing guests with a light dessert with lesser calories, the French patisserie has grown to over 50 locations through strategic franchise partnerships.

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