A successful two-market test of the Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Spicy Bourbon Chicken Sandwich has led to a limited time offer (LTO) in many of the brand’s locations in the U.S. Operators report strong sales numbers and in-store and catering requests for broadening the offering to an LTO.

The Spicy Bourbon Chicken Sandwich has the fan-favorite sauce of Lee’s Spicy Bourbon Dippers as a twist on the brand’s popular chicken sandwich. It features a four-ounce, hand-battered chicken filet marinated in a special blend of seasonings, tossed in a spicy bourbon barbeque sauce, and served on a warm brioche bun.

A Lee’s local franchisee developed the flavor pairing and company CEO Ryan Weaver credits innovative operators for knowing how to take menu items that are favorites and delivering options for guests that are so good they become “famous” enough to be a limited-time menu item.

For Lee’s locations participating in the Spicy Bourbon Chicken Sandwich LTO, visit https://www.leesfamousrecipe.com/spicy-bourbon-chicken-sandwich.

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