Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken partnered with Stoker’s Tenderex Farms, Inc., Broasters Company and vendor PepsiCo to join forces in serving Lee’s chicken and bottled water to first responders, relief workers and victims affected by the ongoing catastrophic flooding in the Hazard and Whitesburg, Kentucky areas.

The Lee’s corporate operations team, led by Bill Sparks, David Adkins and Kristi Comstock, rallied support from additional Lee’s operators and collected supplies to aid the flooded areas near two of Lee’s Kentucky-based stores. Stoker’s, a food service distributor, and Broasters, a manufacturer of fryers and other restaurant equipment, provided a mobile kitchen on-site as well as food products where the team was able to fry chicken and prepare meals. PepsiCo added support by providing cases of bottled water.

“At its heart, Lee’s is about giving back and serving families in the communities and areas near our locations, where our valued operators and team members work,” says Sparks, who has been a part of the Lee’s team for 24 years. “One of our stores was temporarily without water, but that is minor compared to what some people and businesses in the area have experienced. So, we partnered with Stoker’s, Broasters and PepsiCo to help ease some of the need for meals by providing what we know best, chicken.”

With a menu of bone-in chicken, strips, mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw and biscuits, the Lee’s team assembled at the Triangle Park Pavilion in Hazard, KY and brought Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken with a side of hope to an estimated 250 – 350 workers and flood victims

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