In the much-debated chicken sandwich wars, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken has declared “PEACE” with an initiative to “Make Chicken Peace, Not War.” At 130 units, Lee’s isn’t the biggest player in the chicken sandwich game, but it claims to have a David vs. Goliath advantage in the battle for the best product.

“A fresh, never frozen, honey-dipped, hand-breaded chicken breast on a specialty brioche bun is going to win a taste-test battle every time,” says Lee’s President and CEO Chuck Cooper. “But what we see as our stone-in-the-slingshot advantage over others comes down to a simple matter of availability since we don’t have stores in every state – yet.

“So, we decided to create a positive outcome in the chicken sandwich wars by making a peaceful donation to the good work of World Central Kitchen to use the power of food to nourish communities and strengthen economies in times of crisis and beyond. In doing so, we would encourage any other competitors in the chicken sandwich war and even individual lovers of chicken sandwiches to join in the peace movement by supporting this food-based philanthropy.”

In the peace effort, Lee’s will donate $10,000 to World Central Kitchen and is inviting other brands and individuals to Make Chicken Peace, Not War, by making their own donation to The brand is actively promoting the challenge through its social media and working with various influencers to do the same.

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