McDonald’s latest Happy Meal offerings include Lego’s Bionicle toy, and Mattel’s Diva Starz electronic dolls. Collectors can purchase these toys beginning September 7.

Bionicle fans will be able to collect six tribal villager figures called “Tohungas,” a brand new collectible line available exclusively in McDonald’s Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals. Elements from the individual figures can be taken apart and re-assembled in a variety of combinations to build different-sized creations. Collectors of all six figures can also combine the parts to create even larger super-structures.

Mini-versions of the Diva Starz fashion dolls are also available. Introduced by Mattel in the fall of 2000, the popular dolls are interactive, “teen-talking” electronic dolls that live in a world of fashion, shopping, sports, and friends. A variety of miniature Diva Starz figures, with various snap-on outfits, and an assortment of accessories combine to make 32 different variations of the toys. Several versions of the dolls will feature electronic chips that allow then to talk or play music.

As with all their Happy Meal promotions, McDonald’s will offer “toddler toys” appropriate for ages four and under.

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