Sweet Leaf Tea announced that it will offer three new flavors. Joining the Sweet Leaf Tea family of drinks are the Lemon, Citrus Green, and Diet Citrus Green flavors, which continue in the company’s tradition of providing USDA certified organic iced tea.

A special take on traditional iced tea, the new Lemon Iced Tea is a mix of premium black tea infused with the taste of a fresh-squeezed lemon. The Citrus Green Tea offers a blend of premium green tea and the citrus flavors of orange, lemon, and lime, while the Diet Citrus Green Tea offers all the same taste without the calories.

“When creating any new flavor we always focus on the same things: great taste; good–for-you, all natural ingredients; and an incomparable homemade quality,” says Sweet Leaf Tea president Dan Costello. “Our three new flavors do the double duty of being enjoyable, while also being light and fresh. Whether you prefer Lemon, Citrus Green, or Diet Citrus Green, all our drinks promise a taste that leaves you forgetting that they came out of a bottle.”

The three new flavors are available in either a 15.5-ounce can, 16-ounce glass bottle, 20-ounce plastic bottle, or 64-ounce multi-serve plastic container, with the exception of Diet Citrus, which does not come in the 15.5-ounce size. All new flavors are available at participating retailers such as Whole Foods, Publix, HEB, Jewel Osco, Kroger, and Safeway, to name a few. All Sweet Leaf Tea drinks are Kosher and contain 70–90 calories at most, with diet drinks having as little as zero calories.

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