Wienerschnitzel launched an “UnDER the Sea Trio” yesterday. Through Easter, Sunday, April 4, the world’s largest hot dog chain is offering three new fish items at all 350 locations: the Sea Dog, Fish Wrap, and Fish n’ Chips. The menu items are a dining alternative to meat on Fridays for those observing Lent.

“We are always looking for ways to expand our menu with seasonal items that our guests demand. These new fish items are also great tasting new products,” says Tom Amberger, vice president of marketing at Wienerschnitzel.

Each of the three new fish items features flaky, white Alaskan Pollock. The Sea Dog includes an Alaskan Pollock fish fillet, crunchy lettuce and a zing of tartar sauce, served on a 6-inch bun. The Fish Wrap consists of an Alaskan Pollock fillet topped with a unique combination of salsa and mayonnaise and wrapped in a steamed flour tortilla. The Fish N’ Chips includes two deep-fried fish fillets laid atop a generous portion of Wienerschnitzel’s french fries.

These new fish items will be supported with direct mail and in-store, point-of-purchase materials.

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