Between its zero interchange fees, extra security, and customer marketing campaigns, LevelUp is far more than a way to pay.

And now thanks to Merchant Warehouse’s new Genius mobile commerce solutions, merchants can experience all that LevelUp has to offer, faster and easier than ever before.

Genius provides one unified platform for all payment types and customer loyalty programs. As an extension of LevelUp and Merchant Warehouse’s partnership, LevelUp has integrated with Genius, making it convenient for merchants to accept LevelUp and aggregate data across all customer loyalty programs, including LevelUp campaigns.

As a result, merchants can track how marketing campaigns drive sales to their business and alter their campaign strategy accordingly.

“Paying with your phone, while super fun, is not all that valuable in itself. The real draw for merchants is around being able to do cool things with mobile payments, like run campaigns that help your business grow,” says Seth Priebatsch, chief ninja at LevelUp. “Merchant Warehouse is totally on the same page. Their Genius solutions give merchants the opportunity to capitalize on the full business potential of mobile payments, which is why integrating with Genius makes complete sense for us.”

Henry Helgeson, CEO of Merchant Warehouse, says, “We’re at a really interesting and exciting point in the evolution of mobile payments. Merchants see value-add mobile payment networks like LevelUp as a complete business solution.

“This has driven the need for an acceptance platform like Genius, which unifies mobile payments and customer loyalty programs into one payment solution," he adds. "We see it as an essential component for growth in the mobile payment industry.”

LevelUp’s integration with Genius will be displayed at LevelUp and Merchant Warehouse’s booths at Money2020 in Las Vegas on October 22-24, and at Innovate 2012, the Merchant Warehouse Agent and ISO Conference in Boston, November 5-6.

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