Meyda Custom Lighting, designer and manufacturer of custom and decorative lighting, received the HFN 2009 Lighting Award of Excellence for its new line of Chandel-Airs, according to HFN Editor in Chief Warren Shoulberg.

The 2009 Lighting Award of Excellence was presented to Meyda Custom Lighting “to recognize the Chandel-Airs as truly innovative, fresh in design, and created with the potential to become big sellers for retailers,” according to the HFN editorial staff.

“It’s truly amazing how many compliments we receive from customers regarding our New Chandel-Airs,” says Robert Cohen, president of Meyda Custom Lighting. “They are impressed by the technology, but are even more pleased when they learn that we can customize the size, design, and style to meet their customers’ needs.”

The Chandel-Air is a customizable lighting fixture that integrates a fan mechanism, which can be produced in nearly any design in the Meyda library or any custom design. Designed as an energy saver, the Chandel Air can be used to pull hot air up and keep the space cool in the summer, and reversed in the winter to push down hot air and maintain warmth.