Industry News | September 13, 2011

Limited-Time Autumn Flavors Debut at Yogurtland

Yogurtland, the fast-growing frozen yogurt brand known for its self-serve environment and premium-quality offerings, has recently added three new seasonal fall flavors, Oatmeal Cookies, PB&J, and Blackberry Lemon Mint Tart, to its diverse menu.

Available at all participating Yogurtland locations as of September 5, 2011, for an exclusive eight-week run, the three seasonal items will join 16 other inventive and classic sweet and tart flavors.

Yogurtland constantly creates a unique experience for guests through its “You Rule” philosophy and innovative flavor combinations that are seasonally inspired and appeal to a multi-generational customer base. Oatmeal Cookies, PB&J, and Blackberry Lemon Mint Tart each speak to the fall season and back to school time period by offering traditional snack-time staples in a satisfying and distinctly new way.

  • Oatmeal Cookies: tastes like freshly baked oatmeal cookies; is low fat and a great source of calcium; and contains live and active cultures.
  • PB&J: the perfect after school snack. It is packed with protein, calcium, and live and active cultures; is low fat; and contains real peanuts and strawberry puree.
  • Blackberry Lemon Mint Tart: contains Marion blackberries, fresh mint, and citrusy lemon with a tart base; is non-fat, gluten-free, and vitamin C fortified.

As with all Yogurtland frozen yogurt flavors, each of the new additions are made with real ingredients and each serving is packed with calcium, vitamins, and live and active cultures.

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