Industry News | June 28, 2012

Lincoln Oven Technology Reduces Bake Times

Impinger II Express Manitowoc
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Lincoln’s FastBake Impinger ovens feature a patented airflow technology designed to reduce baking times for items such as pizza by up to 30 percent.

FastBake Impinger ovens use a combination of hot air under pressure that surrounds foods, and its technology allows the ovens to provide a higher level of heat transfer to food, thus reducing cook times.  For example, an operator cooking a pizza that takes six minutes to complete could now do the same pizza in four minutes with no loss in quality. 

FastBake technology has been shown to increase baking capacity by as much as 15 to 30 percent, tackling one of the foremost operational issues faced by pizza operators today, the need for high-volume, high-quality production. In addition to increased capacity the technology reduces utility costs by lowering energy usage and reducing patron wait time. 

FastBake technology is available for Impinger II Express, Impinger I, and Low Profile ovens and standard on all 3200 Series models.