Little Caesars¨ Pizza is adding a new bread to its menu that is sure to satisfy that sweet tooth. The new product, called a Little Caesars Caesar Stick(TM), will be featured on menus throughout the United States and in international markets.

The new cinnamon “Caesar Stick” is a bread stick measuring nearly 11″ that has been brushed with a buttery mixture, rolled in cinnamon and sugar and baked golden brown. This tasty treat is the perfect conclusion to a Pizza!Pizza!¨ meal, or as a snack any time of the day. Caesar Sticks are priced at 99 cents individually and three sticks for $2.69.

Little Caesars proved that bread products are a great addition to a pizza menu with its introduction of Crazy Crusts¨ in 1977. This was a smaller version of today’s popular Crazy Bread¨ that was added to Little Caesars’ menu permanently in 1982. Crazy Bread is one of the most popular additions to pizza orders.

“Cinnamon Caesar Sticks are very versatile, tasty and people enjoy them for lunch, dinner, or a snack,” said Michael Ilitch, Chairman of the Board for Little Caesars. “The product also appeals to a wide range of customers.”

The company’s founders, Michael and Marian Ilitch, opened their first restaurant in Garden City, Michigan in 1959. Today, Little Caesars, one of the top three international pizza chains, operates restaurants on five continents.

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