Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc., today announced a new agreement with its franchisees, one which the chain says places it at the forefront of the industry by creating the most cooperative and open relationship between the two parties. “From this point forward, Little Caesars has one of the most franchisee-friendly structures of any franchising organization in the United States,” said one spokesperson for the Little Caesars franchisees.

Newly reached developments between Little Caesars and its franchisees focus on the customer by emphasizing new restaurant openings, updating store image, improving product quality, and enhancing marketing and value. The pizza chain will form three new committees–which will meet on a regular basis throughout the year–consisting of franchisees and corporate executives who will address marketing and operational objectives.

“Our customers are our number-one focus, and we are committed to providing them with more restaurant locations that feature a fresh, updated image, greater product variety with special promotions, and our dedication to a delicious product at a great value,” said senior vice president of administration Dave Scrivano.

These enhancements to the Little Caesars system will continue the positive movement the chain says it is experiencing. Over the last 12 weeks, Little Caesars’ same-store sales increased 9.5 percent, and in the period ending November 5, same-store sales rose 13.5 percent.

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