Vertical gardens, or plants on walls, can offer a cost-effective opportunity for restaurants to improve nutrition, meal taste, and prestige. 

By providing a convenient method for growing and harvesting produce, owners and managers can provide their chefs with low-cost fresh herbs and vegetables, which can enhance the quality and presentation of the food they prepare. 

Living walls are a highly visible symbol of management’s commitment to providing their guests with fresh and healthy. 

With a wholesale herb price of $0.50 per ounce, a green wall can produce $15–$25 worth of fresh produce per square foot annually. Factor in the waste reduction that comes with only cutting what is needed and the expense saved in transportation, and the wall produces enough to pay for itself in herbs alone in just a couple of years. 

LiveScreen is a fully assembled version of LiveWall, which is wheel-mounted for easy access and moving.  It will showcase its living walls solutions at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show at McCormick Place in Chicago on May 18–21. 

In addition to enhancing chef-prepared meals in restaurants and hospitality, LiveWall will promote living walls for use as dividers that add organic ambience and privacy to diners.