L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, the popular Hawaii-based restaurant franchise with over 230 locations in the US and Japan, is expanding its craft beverage menu to include new signature offerings at select locations, thanks to its partnership with leading beverage platform, Botrista. 

“At L&L, we are proud to bring the comfort food of Hawaii to our guests. Our new drink menu offers our guests trending drinks that complement the style and flavors of our menu,” said Elisa Flores, CEO of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. “By partnering with Botrista, we are able to provide customers with exceptional beverages while also ensuring that our franchisees drive increased profitability.”

The new menu features two signature drinks, Lilikoi Lemonade and Lilikoi Smoothie, alongside a selection of boba teas (classic, taro, matcha, strawberry) and fruit smoothies (taro, strawberry, pineapple-coconut). 

Lilikoi Lemonade: Enjoy the flavors of Hawaii in this naturally sweet, tart & zesty lemonade refresher capable of offering a refreshing tropical experience.

Lilikoi Smoothie: Traditionally smooth, sweet and creamy – this Hawaiian staple is guaranteed to fill you up with the juicy flavors of the islands.

Founded in Honolulu 1952 as L&L Dairy, L & L Hawaiian Barbecue was recently recognized by Yelp as #21 on Yelp’s List of Fast Growing Brands.  With the global lemonade market projected to reach nearly $16B by 2032 and the boba tea market projected to hit $3.6 billion by 2028, there’s immense potential for growth in the beverage sector. Introducing Botrista as a beverage partner for L&L’s franchisee network is a strategic move, allowing the fast-growing chain to expand its drink offerings to meet this growing demand, while maintaining both quick preparation times and exceptional quality. With our select live locations, L&L is already at a run rate of 100K Botrista drinks sold per year.

“In today’s competitive landscape, data-driven decision-making paired with culinary creativity is essential for restaurant brands that are focused on staying ahead of the latest consumer trends—and in turn, providing value to their franchisees,” explains Sean Hsu, Botrista’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our team worked closely with L&L team to develop a beverage menu that would both delight their guests and be easy for franchisees to implement.” Using the BotristaPro, L&L franchisees can serve made-to-order craft drinks in under 20 seconds, at the touch of a button, within a five square foot space.  

“Our customers love the new drink options, “ says Tia Matautia, owner and operator of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue in Tumwater, WA. “We have become a destination not only for our food, but for our boba teas and other drinks as well. At the same time, our staff finds the drinks incredibly easy to prepare and the machine is simple to operate.”  

The new beverage menu is available at participating locations.

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