L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, Hawaii’s most iconic franchise specializing in ‘The Plate Lunch’ opened its first Boulder, Colorado, restaurant on September 4. This marks L&L’s fourth Colorado location. Over 200 guests had the opportunity to savor Hawaiian-style barbecue and fare, as well as experience Halau Hula Dance by Keaka O Kalani.

Matt Coty and Jazmin Brooks, co-owners of the Boulder franchise location, had the vision to bring “home away from home.” Growing up eating L&L, Matt and Jazmin realize the importance of having representation in their new home state and wanted to open a restaurant that served Hawaiian comfort cuisine, encouraged togetherness and served as an opportunity to expand one’s ‘ohana (family) in Boulder.

L&L is serving on their menu The Plate Lunch, also known as “The State Food of Hawaii.” The lunch combo plate consists of two servings of rice, macaroni salad, plus a choice of protein. This dish dates back to wage laborers in 19th century sugar plantations and pineapple fields, who brought rice and other leftovers to work in compartmentalized tins. Lunches were often shared, resulting in a harmonious mix of home recipes from Japan, China, the Philippines, Portugal, Korea, and even New England.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a Hawaiian-themed restaurant chain founded in 1976 by Eddie Flores Jr. and Johnson Kam. When they purchased the original L&L Drive Inn, a small casual eatery in the Kalihi neighborhood on Oahu, they kept the name L&L (which stands for the original owners Lee & Lee). Today, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue offers Hawaiian-style comfort food and hospitality at 224 locations.

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