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    Local Restaurant Referral App Promotes Word-of-Mouth

  • Industry News April 17, 2017

    Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. This is especially true during the midst of the information age, where customers can connect with one another online and spread their thoughts farther than ever before.

    In order to help encourage customers to refer local restaurants, a new phone application called RiferMe was launched earlier this year. RiferMe was designed to effectively drive customers to restaurants by leveraging and monetizing word of mouth advertising. During the last few months, RiferMe has made an unprecedented name for itself in the industry as an app that was designed by a minority and represents women in technology.

    Regular customers can use RiferMe to earn cash rewards when they refer a restaurant to family and friends. People who receive restaurant referrals through the app are offered a discount voucher to use during their next visit. Restaurant owners are provided with an easy way to track their customer referrals and redemptions, giving them an inside look at their customer statistics.

    “We believe we can transform marketing by making businesses reward their customers and turn them into company ambassadors,” says Pamela Chiriboga, the CEO of RiferMe. “Our app brings marketing into the sharing economy just like Uber did for transportation and Airbnb did for hospitality. The technology behind RiferMe helps everyday people earn cash for something they frequently do, refer.”

    In addition to being the CEO of RiferMe, Pamela Chiriboga is the founder of PCHP Investments, the Founder of Pyramide Productions and the CEO of an export business in South America. She holds a Specialized Associates Degree in Video and Film, fluently speaks four languages.

    The team also consists of Elimar Ugueto, the Chief Branding Officer and Manfred Wittenbols, the Chief Technology Officer. Elimar holds over fifteen years of experience in Corporate Communications and Marketing and has worked with companies such as Boeing, MLB, ESPN and Microsoft. Manfred also worked at Microsoft, and was part of the largest social learning program in the world. He is the CIO and Co-Founder of an award-winning communication sharing solution.

    Together, the RiferMe team proudly represents a new age of minorities, Hispanics and women in technology. They hope that their app will help open doors for new businesses and allow everyday people the chance to be part of a new movement. The app is available for free on Android and Apple devices.

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