Lollicup Coffee & Tea is thrilled to have launched its newly designed website on June 4, 2012.

“The goal of this redesign was to give a fresh new look that represents Lollicup Coffee & Tea’s continued efforts to keep its customers informed about our premium quality products, extraordinary service, and rich corporate culture,” says CEO and president, Alan Yu.

The new website is developed to be more visually appealing and user-friendly than the previous version: it showcases a wide variety of Lollicup Coffee & Tea food and beverage menu options, special promos including VIP/rewards cards, tutorials, commercials, and media, as well as a Lolli-locator, which is a full interactive map of all Lollicup Coffee & Tea locations.

Site elements also have been neatly reorganized and are much easier to navigate: “Our Story” provides information on Lollicup’s developing history, leadership, and community outreach.

Over the next couple of weeks, other language versions will be launched as Lollicup Coffee & Tea expands. Set to open a new location in West Los Angeles later this year, Lollicup Coffee & Tea plans to open five more stores nationwide. Outside the United States, Lollicup Coffee & Tea will open its first international chain locations in major Chinese cities.

“We will make our mark on the outbound Chinese market,” says Alan Yu.

With the new site, new features, and new locations worldwide, Lollicup Coffee & Tea is looking forward to expanding existing partner relationships to offer unparalleled customer service and added convenience for more customers.

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