Long John Silver’s is celebrating summer, the peak seafood consumption season (besides Lent and Christmas) with a “Fishmas in July” campaign that kicks off with teaser spots on June 17, followed by a bigger July push in social media, and a musical album of the same name.

Continuing its “Fish, Yeah!” campaign, which launched during Lent earlier this year, Baldwin& again tapped the musical group, The Coral Benders, to put out another album of songs about seafood. The album is made up of songs from various artists, including the Corral Benders. Available on Spotify.

This will be the first big summer push in Long John Silver’s history, the company said.

Baldwin& analyzed the brand’s sales data and determined that summer is actually its biggest sales season—more so than Lent; the agency convinced the client to go big with a campaign this summer.

On social media, the chain will release another original album of songs by the Coral Benders that re-imagines Christmas carols and gives them seafood themes: “We Wish you a Merry Fishmas,” “O Come All Ye Fishful” and “Ole Fish Kringle”

There will also be a coupon strategy featuring downloadable Fishmas GIFs—redeemable as coupons when shown in store for BOGO grilled fish Tacos.

Select customers from social media will be chosen and surprised with the following swag:

  • Ugly Fishmas swimmers (bathing suits) instead of ugly Christmas sweaters
  • Fishmas slippers (flip-flops designed to resemble fish)
  • Fishmas towels

Long John Silver’s will also promote a diversified media mix that shifts from TV to online video; streaming audio, and paid social.

And it will all continue to support the brand’s biggest product innovation this year—grilled seafood (introduced in May) in addition to core fried items on the menu.

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