Long John Silver’s announced that the seafood chain has begun switching all U.S. restaurants to trans fat–free cooking oil. Long John Silver’s restaurants in states or cities with trans fat–free laws converted several years ago, and the remainder will be fully trans fat free by the end of this year.

Next month, Long John Silver’s restaurants that are transitioning will begin using trans fat–free cooking oil for non-batter-dipped products. This includes french fries, hushpuppies, clams, crab cakes, catfish, and all breaded seafood products.

Many locations will complete the transition later in the fall so that by the end of 2013, all U.S. locations of Long John Silver’s will be using trans fat–free cooking oil for all fried products.

“The move to trans fat–free cooking oil is part of the evolution of Long John Silver’s to a contemporary, relevant seafood brand, which we began in 2012 after becoming an independent company,” says Mike Kern, CEO of Long John Silver’s. “We have been launching new flavors, new products, and new ways to enjoy Long John Silver’s, including the upcoming launch of a specialty, classic fish sandwich on September 2.”

Since separating from YUM! Brands, Inc. in late 2011, Long John Silver’s has undertaken a brand evolution. While preserving and celebrating its classic fried fish and chips heritage, the company has introduced a variety of new products and new flavors.

The trans fat–free oil transition is just one step in the bigger plan to make Long John Silver’s more contemporary. Fans can now enjoy a menu that offers more choices, including baked items and a variety of new sauces and sides.

For example, guests can look for the new Ciabatta Jack Fish Sandwich, coming in September. 

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