Cintas Corporation launched its new comprehensive Safe Floor program. Developed to provide a cost-effective solution for protecting and maintaining floors on a daily basis, the program enables businesses to maximize the life of flooring while improving safety and image. Its mats are designed to capture contaminants and moisture before they are tracked through a facility, while Cintas’ services remove them in order to reduce slips and falls.

“According to the National Safety Council, more than 9 million disabling slips and falls occur each year with an average cost of more than $20,000 per claim,” says Mike Thompson, senior vice president of Cintas Facility Services. “Our safe floor program ensures that companies can keep their employees, customers, and contractors safe, while minimizing risk.”

Cintas’ Safe Floor program consists of three steps: Protect, Maintain, and Deep Clean.

For the Protect step, Cintas’ comprehensive mat system protects flooring in four major areas, including entrance, high risk, high traffic, and productivity zones. The mats are certified “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to help reduce slips, trips, and falls. Cintas provides a variety of mats including standard carpet, logo, and message mats.

For the Maintain step, Cintas helps businesses maintain floors on a daily basis by pairing clean, cost-effective tools such as mops with the right cleaning chemicals for different floor surfaces. By designating cleaning tools for specific areas, organizations can prevent cross contamination between departments. Further, Cintas’ system uses proper dilution methods to ensure the optimal amount of cleaning agent.

And for the Deep Clean step, Cintas provides periodic deep cleaning services using its patent-pending high-pressure steam system to remove dirt and deep clean a variety of carpeted and hard-surface floor coverings. The deep cleaning process sanitizes to remove dirt, breaks down build-up, and extracts all contaminants from the facility.

“Consumers often judge a business’ cleanliness based on a floor’s appearance,” says Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing for Cintas. “Our program not only makes floors aesthetically pleasing, but also improves safety and protection while reducing cleaning costs and extending floor life.”

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